How To Make N250,000 Every Month From The Comfort Of Your House.

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Dear Friend,

Would you like to start making N250,000 every month?

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Right now I will give you a goldmine that will practically turn you into an ATM.

With this business, making N250,000 in a month is very possible and you can also do it.

But Talk Is Cheap, So Let Me Show You Undeniable Proofs From The Bank Account I Use For This Online Business, I Want You To Look At The Dates To Confirm.

That is a sum of N16,000 into my bank account in one day.

That is a sum of N12,000 into my bank account in one day.

That is a sum of N12,000 into my bank account in one day.

That is a sum of N14,000 into my bank account in one day.

That is a sum of N15,000 paid into my account.

That is a sum of N14,000 into my bank account in one day.

That Is A Sum Of N91,000 Deposited Into My Account In 1 Day.

This Is How I Have Been Making Money Everyday And You Can Also Do It.

See Some Of My Cash Withdrawals.

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Think About How Your Life Will Change When You Start This Online Business.


Are You Now Ready To Start Making N250,000 Every Month?



Here Is What You Will Learn Inside This eBook:

1. What online information marketing is all about.

2. How to start making between N4,000 to N7,000 every day through online information marketing.

3. How to set up this online system within 24 hours and start making money immediately.

4. How to use your facebook account to double your daily income thereby making between N8,000 to N14,000 every day.

5. How to avoid the same mistake 90% of people make online, knowing this mistake and avoiding it will save you a lot of time and speed up your profits online.

If you truly want to make Money online then this internet business manual is all you need to succeed in internet business, forget about what other fake gurus told you about online business in Nigeria, learn from someone that is successful and you will also be successful.


Your Life Can Be Better Than It Is Now When You Start This Online Business.

Imagine an extra N250,000 into your regular income, it will go a long way.

Imagine being able to buy your dream car within one year (if you are the car freak.)

Imagine being able to buy anything for your spouse and children.

Imagine living a life without being broke again.

The Second Business That Earns Me N250,000 Every Month.

I Import Some Very Hot In Demand Products At Very Cheap Prices And I Sell At Much Higher Prices Here In Nigeria Online.

See One Of The Products Below:

The products above is a face cream that removes black spots.

It cost N1,000 from where I get my products, but I sell it for N7,000 cash.

I sell this product online and I have a delivery company that handles the delivery for me.

They will take the product to the customer, collect my money and deposit it into my account.

See Payments From Delivery Company Into My Account Below:

That Is A Sum Of N14,000 Cash Deposit That Was Made Directly Into My Bank Account.

That Is Another N14,000 Paid Into My Bank Account.

This One Is A Sum Of N97,000 Paid Into My Account Again.

That Is Another Sum Of N67,000 Into My Bank Account.

This business can transform and make you a millionaire if you take it serious and focus on it.

I Also Have Another eBook That Will Guide You On This.


What You Will Learn In This eBook:

1. The secret website where you will be getting these products.

2. You will learn how to sell up to 100 pieces of your products within 30 days. You don’t have to carry your products to the market or start looking for buyers,

The powerful marketing strategies in this eBook will show you how to sell the products from the comfort of your house.

3. You will get a list of Hot In Demand products that you can import and sell very fast.

4. You will learn how to get huge discount from the sellers.

If You Combine This Information Marketing And The eCommerce, You Will Be Making About N450,000 Every Month.


So How Much Do You Think This eBook Is Worth Paying For?

It took me sleepless nights and restless days to come up with this eBook.

Again, I am exposing you to my success secrets, which a lot of Nigerians will never do.

But there are few good Nigerians and I am one of the few. (I’m not bragging, it is God’s grace.)

Regular Price = 15,000 Naira.

Promo Price = N2,000 Only.


But Listen To This…

I will increase the price to N15,000 after today.

If you come back here tomorrow you will have to pay N15,000 before you get this eBook.

How To Get A Copy Of This eBook.

To get a copy, transfer a sum of N2,000 only into the account below:



Umar J. Giwa.

Savings Account.

After the payment, send me a text message with the following details

1. I paid for internet business manual,

2. Name of depositor,

3. Your email address.

Send the details above as a text message to 08069355473.

Once you send the details, you will receive the eBook in your email within 10 minutes.

Your friend,



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